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My friends call me Carlie. I typically perform as a model however once services are slow I accompany in Amsterdam. I am a really popular runway model and I attract lots of clients with my beautiful body. I love making cash with the escort services that I provide and I love performing as an accompaniment in Amsterdam. I also love shopping for antiques and exotic items and, as you may notice from my photos, I like shopping for hot and sexy outfits that reveal my figure. I'm a skilled escort chick that may send you nuts with just one touch. I can be juvenile from time to time but I also maintain my grace when the time comes. I am a glowing and pretty babe with a sensuous and friendly attitude. If you want to be the consumer of my services then all you have to do is call the agency and book me for a couple of hours and you will get to spend some extraordinary moments beside me, or inside me. I can be the lady you always searched for!

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Carlie is edgy, gorgeous and sexy as hell. She likes to stay out late and male all kinds of mischief ... This sassy young minx keeps you entertained and on your toes, with her great attitude towards keeping fine gentlemen horny ... I am young, beautiful and an adventurous model. I offer a perfect girlfriend experience and I adore kissing and getting very intimate. With my friendly and warm personality, my open and educated mind, I will be your charming companion for every occasion.

Elite companion

An awesome escort, Carlie portrays a great vibe and fits perfectly into the kind of working girl that we like. She works in the "grown-up diversion industry," however she doesn't see it as her future. "When you book me," she states, "you're be having my whole attention and body. You will be totally satisfied with what will develop. This is on the grounds that, where it counts, each man aches for the association of the wonderful woman. He needs her adjacent. He needs her to take an interest in his personality. Getting an appealing woman around makes him feel great, as well as makes him feel worth more. It supports his certainty. It gives him sort of a wind underneath his wings. I trust that will emerge. I truly like that aspect of my responsibilities and I will surely supply them to my customers."

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This Amsterdam escort proceeds, "There truly are a few routes in which men choose to fill that requirement, that desire to have wonderful ladies around them and a piece of their lives. I trust an escort administration like our own is totally the absolute best and will give our male clients what they need. There are more alternatives, yet not one of them are about as great, on the grounds that not one of them does what we ought to do. Like, a man could invest a significant amount of energy seeking at sexy videos. He regularly sees delightful ladies, then, and he'd access almost any excellent woman he needed along these lines, from the extremely well known ones towards the novice ones. He could totally be surrounded, virtually, by magnificence and sexuality. Consequently all men examine sexy videos, but all men would love reality even more."