Frequently Asked Questions about Amsterdam Escorts Agency

Amsterdam Escorts Agency

Is there a difference between a Call-girl and an Escort?

Not really. Every country has its own terms, and each may have variations in what the sexual experience delivers. In Amsterdam, we call our professional women who come to you for a sexual experience an escort.

Is it legal to book a call-girl or escort?

Yes! It is completely legal in Amsterdam. Like any business there are regulations that keep everyone safe and protects the escorts and the customers.

Can I really have sex with these beautiful women?

Yes, and it will be the best sex you’ve ever experienced.

Why not just choose a woman on the corner?

We don’t have anything against girls trying to make a living. But escorts provide a much richer sexual experience in the comfort of your hotel or apartment. Our girls are well-vetted, well-groomed, and provide a lot more than just a “quickie.”

Is there a difference between an escort and a companion?

A companion is a beautiful woman who spends time with you but doesn’t offer sex. If you want sex, and who doesn’t, then you’ll want to book an escort.

How much time do I have with my escort or companion?

Depending on your request or packaged the time will vary. The minimum time is about an hour, but you can choose to spend as much time as you’d like (including overnight) provided you give your escort an idea at the time of booking.

Are Escort’s Expensive?

A little more expensive than say fish and chips, but not nearly as costly as marriage. And of course, everyone has their own idea of “expensive.” But it’s probably not as “expensive” as you might think. And while we can’t list our rates here, you are welcome to call us and just ask for what you want and what it would cost. Amsterdam Escorts also offers the most affordable rates, so we believe we have something for every budget.

What about tipping?

Tipping isn’t mandatory but showing your escort appreciation is a nice thing to do. If you’d like to Tip, a good starting point is about 10%.

What about STD’s?

Our women all get regular checkups to ensure health standards and safety. Any “toys” or other things used during your evening are cleaned prior and after use.

Do I need condoms?

Condoms keep everyone safe. But your escort will ensure she has what is needed and they are included in your rate.

Are the images really the women who show up?

Yes. We would never stay in business if we sent you someone different that the girl you booked. We don’t play games at Amsterdam Escort Agency. We want our customers completely satisfied. In fact, our ladies regularly come in for image updates—so what you select is what you get!

Is there anything I can’t do?

Not really. Besides the obvious stuff. Nothing that would hurt our girls or yourself. We’re all for kinky and wild but safety and respect is important to everyone. While the details of your encounter are between you and your escort, practicing open, honest, communication about expectations and desires ensures a great evening. Having multiple participants is okay provided the escort knows in advance and has agreed.

Is my payment information safe?

Yes, completely Your financial transactions are secure, and we use the same processing system as most shops and businesses.

Is my personal information safe?

We understand our customers want discretion. Personal information is encrypted and never shared.

Am I safe?

Yes. We may be talking sex, but we’re also running a business. We treat our customers the same way they’d be treated if they we’re visiting a fine restaurant or purchasing a luxury item. That’s with respect and with your comfort and safety in mind. That’s why it’s best to book only with a reputable escort service like Amsterdam Agency.  You won’t be robbed, assaulted, or extorted and will be treated with the same level of respect and professionalism as we expect from our customers.

Will people “know” I’m with an escort or companion?

Not unless you tell them! Our escorts are act and dress like professionals. The biggest risk you run is people being jealous that you wound up with such a hot date.

I’ve heard a lot about “sex trafficking,” are these women willing participants?

Yes, absolutely!  Our Escorts are young entrepreneurs and they take their business seriously. They work with Amsterdam Escorts Agency because it is the safest and best way for them to operate their business.

What if I decide to cancel?

We understand that things happen and plans sometimes change. It happens. Just remember our escorts have reserved your time just for you and your cancellation can hurt their business.  Please cancel your appointment as early as possible and never just be a no-show. If you change your mind after the escort arrives a minimum charge will apply to cover her time, transportation, and rebooking fees.

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